I grow. I raise. I farm.

AgriCard is an agricultural credit card dedicated exclusively to YOU: Canada’s farmers. Designed to work with producers’ cash flow needs, AgriCard offers various financing plans that suit YOUR agribusiness.


As a UPA member, applying and using AgriCard means increasing your benefits. Receive a bonus of 1,000 AgriPoints when you sign up. AgriCard is proud to be a partner and sponsor of UPA. 

Click here to learn more about the UPA Benefit Program. 

What can AgriCard do for me?

  • No annual fee, no administration fees
  • Competitive interest rates as low as 11.9% and to a maximum of 15.9% on day-to-day purchases
  • Flexible terms and a wide variety of financing programs available at participating merchants including deferred and equal installment payment programs
  • No interest on deferred payment financing plans
  • Payment flexibility—make principal payments at any time without penalty
  • AgriPoints rewards program – click here for more information
  • Online statements via Epost—simply sign up at www.epost.ca
  • Accepted at more than 1,000 merchants across Canada

One credit card, one statement, one monthly payment and two credit limits. 

One limit for your regular day-to-day transactions

These purchases are for day-to-day operating expenses such as fuel, parts and services. With these transactions, you get an interest-free grace period of 21 days.

One limit for your mid- to long-term financing

A second limit on your AgriCard provides you with flexible financing on larger purchases such as seed and other crop inputs.  Available options for your mid- to long-term financing needs include:

Deferred Payment Financing*

Ideal if you are counting on income coming in at a later date than when the purchase needs to be made. Interest rate dependent on your card’s APR.
The payment for this "buy now and pay later" plan is not included in your monthly payment and is due on the plan due date. You'll receive a notice that the total balance is due between 30 and 59 days before the plan due date on your statement of account.

Equal Monthly Installment Financing*

Installment financing allows you to pay for purchases in multiple equal payments, with or without interest.
Monthly financing installments are automatically transferred to your current AgriCard balance. This means that by paying the minimum amount due on your bill, you also pay your financing monthly installment, reducing your plan's principal balance.

Did you know? You can repay all or part of your principal to pay off your financing more quickly. Please take note that a partial repayment does not cancel your monthly instalments; it simply reduces your total number of monthly instalments. Therefore, you must also make monthly instalments as you normally would when you receive your credit card account statement.

*Available at participating merchants.