Frequently Asked Questions

What are my terminal fees and discount rates?

AgriCard offers very competitive terminal fees and discount rates. Through Desjardins, we also offer integrated payment solutions for all your debit and credit transactions. Please call us at 1-888-285-0015 for more information.

When should I accept AgriCard?

As an authorized AgriCard merchant, anything your business sells is eligible to be charged on your customer's AgriCard account*—specialty implement repairs, parts, short-term rental of machinery, dairy supplies, ranching supplies, aquaculture, irrigation, industrial supplies, etc. If your customer needs it, AgriCard will carry the charge. As long as their account line of credit can accommodate the purchase amount, the transaction will be approved within seconds.
*Excluding cash advances.

My customer wants financing but doesn't have an AgriCard. What do I do?

Inform the customer that a card application must be submitted. You received the new application forms in your starter kit. The form is also available under "I am a Producer" at the APPLY NOW link. For assistance filling out the AgriCard cardholder application, please click this link: Assistance Filling Out the Desjardins Business Card form or call us at 1-888-285-0015.

How do I order supplies such as application forms, brochures and point-of-sale materials?

Please download the order form here or call us at 1-888-285-0015 and we’ll be happy to get that sent out to you right away.

How do I access reports?

You will be able to access them via This log-in is also available at the top of this page.

I'm having technical issues with my POS: for example, my terminal is not activated or isn't working.

Please contact our technical support, open 24/7, at 1-800-363-3514. 

I have questions on how to carry out regular and financing transactions on a Desjardins POS terminal.

Please call our Merchant Services team at 1-888-285-0015.

How and where can my clients obtain and fill out an AgriCard application? 

Download the Application Form (67281005).

To help your customer fill out the form, download the Enrolment Process Guide (T-14378). They can also use the Tips for Filling out an Application Form (67281030).

NOTE: You should also have received application forms for your clients with your starter kit. If you need more, please order from the POS Catalogue Form (67281023) or contact Business Customer Service at 

How do I process an AgriCard transaction on my payment terminal?

Download the Quick Reference Guide (67281024).

What type of material can I use to promote AgriCard within my business? 

AgriCard offers various point of sale materials at no cost. Download the POS Catalogue Form (67281023).

My customer wants to apply for AgriCard but needs assistance filling out the form. Where can he find it?

Download the Enrolment Process Guide (T-14378). Need additional information? The Tips for Filling out an Application Form (67281030) can help!

My customer needs to request additional credit on their card. How can they do that?

Customers can use the Change Request Form (T-14170).

My customer wants to redeem AgriDollars.

Please note that effective immediately, AgriDollars will no longer be accepted. AgriDollars were part of the initial launch of the AgriPoints rewards program. AgriDollars certificates were available by redeeming AgriPoints and could be used as cash at participating AgriCard retailers. With the enhancements and changes made to the current AgriPoints rewards offering, AgriDollars are no longer available. Please encourage your customers to redeem their AgriPoints by visiting