Frequently Asked Questions

What interest rate does AgriCard offer?

AgriCard offers industry-leading rates as low as 11.9% and to a maximum of 15.9%. Every new AgriCard purchase receives at least 21 days interest-free but there are also payment deferral programs AND equal payment plans available.

What are the annual fees?

Unlike other credit cards, AgriCard has absolutely no annual fee or membership fees. Additional cards for co-applicants or authorized users are also available at no extra cost.

Why are there two limits? How does this work?

You have access to two limits with AgriCard: a limit for regular purchases, and a financing limit. The financing limit gives you access to Equal Installment Financing Plans as well as Deferred Payment Financing Plans (at participating retailers). In most cases, your card is split 80:20 where 80% of your total limit is placed on the financing limit and 20% is placed on the regular limit.

How do the financing programs work?

After you make a financing purchase, your new financing plan and purchase transactions are added to your account following the in-store confirmation. Every month, you'll receive a detailed account statement with information regarding your credit card and in-store financing.

Deferred Payment Financing Plans
Buy now, pay later! The deferred payment financing plan allows interest-free credit for a pre-determined period of time—called the deferral period. For example, 3 months, 6 months, etc.

The deferral period is also known as the grace period; it's the number of months during which no interest charges are applied to a financing plan and no payments are required during that period.

The payment for this "buy now and pay later" plan is not included in your monthly payment and is due on the plan due date. You'll receive a notice that the total balance is due between 30 and 59 days before the plan due date on your statement of account.

Equal Installment Financing Plans
With the equal installment financing plan, you can purchase your product/service and pay the purchase off in monthly instalments. This plan helps with monthly financial planning and budgeting, especially when making larger purchases.

On your account statement, you'll see the details of the amount of your payment due, also called "regular transactions." When your monthly account statement is produced, your installment is automatically transferred to your current AgriCard balance. This means that by paying the minimum amount due on your bill, you also pay your monthly installment, thereby reducing your plan's balance.

What happens at the end of my grace period?

You'll receive a notice that the total balance is due between 30 and 59 days prior to the due date on your account statement, reminding you of the payment deadline. If you are unable to pay off the full balance by the due date following the grace period, the deferred payment financing balance is automatically converted to equal monthly installments at the current interest rate in effect. AgriCard financing plans are removed from your account statement once they are paid in full.

How can I access my statement?

Your statement will be mailed to you each month if you have a balance owing on your AgriCard. Account statements are sent on approximately the 6th business day of each month. You will receive your statement during the 1st or second full week of each month. You will have 21 days to make your payment. 

If you have signed up for Canada Post's Epost service, you can view your statement online at

How do I read my statement?

Click here for a PDF guide explaining how to read your AgriCard statement.

Where can I make my payments?

- At any ATM that accepts AgriCard payments (except for principal payments)
- Through online banking with your financial institution of choice (make sure you add AgriCard to your Payee List: “Agricard – Desjardins” and the bill number to be entered is your account number or card number)
- By pre-authorized payment (except for principal payments) - you can arrange this via form available at or you can request it from Customer Service at 1-800-266-5662
- By cheque and mailed to the following address: Desjardins Card Services, P.O. Box 8601, Centre-ville Station, Montréal (QC), H3C 3V2 - please reference your account number

Did you know?
You can repay all or part of your principal to pay off your financing faster. Please note that a partial repayment does not cancel your monthly installments; it simply reduces your total number of monthly installments. Therefore, you must also make monthly installment payments as you normally would when you receive your account statement.

How can I make changes to my account?

Download the Change Request Form (T-14170) or contact our Customer Service line at 1-800-266-5662.